About Us


The story begins… 

In 2006 Anne and Geoff assumed ownership of Poppy’s Tudor Tearoom in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Within the first 12 months they built the business up to have a following of daily regulars. During this time they were asked by their customers if it was possible to create a traditional cup of tea for home use.


A plan developed..

A plan was developed that a group of regular customers would sample a different black tea every day for a period of six months. After the sampling period was over, the collected results provided an overall winner. The top tea that they selected was a black tea from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda and this was the beginning of Morgan’s Brew Tea.



The rest is history… 

Our first product of this black tea blend was in tea bags which our customers purchased for home use. Customers enjoyed it so much that Morgan’s Brew Tea then created a loose leaf version. In 2010 they sold Poppy’s Tudor Tea Rooms and officially became Morgan’s Brew Tea Company.

Throughout the years Morgan’s Brew Tea has continued to create additional flavours that cover a variety of tea collections.


Featured across the press..

The dream team behind Morgan’s Brew Tea have been featured in multiple media publications such as the County Times, Shropshire Star, Taste Blas Magazine and Welsh Country Magazine; to name a few.

The A-Z of tea.

The alphabet can stand for many things, but here at Morgan’s Brew, we’re rather taken with this cute example. Beginning with letter A for Astrotea; Tea readers in Asia are as respected as astrologers through to Z for Zillah, which stands for the world’s oldest gas pump in Zillah, Washington State. It’s known as the Teapot Dome Service Station as it happens to look like a teapot!



Morgan’s Rewards 

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Traditional Plantations

Our teas are sourced from traditional plantations, and grown using natural methods.



All our teas are non GMO.


High Quality

The highest quality and purest teas are selected for our award-winning blends.

Only The Best Quality & Variety

Over the last six years we have introduced many teas and infusions into our range and will continue to include more. Cooking with tea can bring a unique flavor to your food. So, if you’re a tea lover and have not cooked with tea yet, we recommend trying it as it is worth the effort!


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